Smile Study

a Project by CoEHAR

We are pleased to announce that the enrollment phase of our study has successfully concluded. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants who have contributed to this significant milestone.

What is Smile Study

Smoking is one of the most important risk factors for the health of your mouth, it damages teeth and gums, compromises the whiteness of the teeth and causes tooth stains.

Smile Study investigates the impact of reduced risk products (e-cig, heated tobacco products, etc.) on the health of the mouth, testing the hypothesis of harm reduction compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

The Study

SMILE is an international, open-label randomized controlled study designed to assess whether cigarette smokers who switched to combustion-free nicotine delivery systems (C-F NDS) underwent measurable improvements in oral health parameters and teeth appearance as a consequence of avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke.

An 18-month multi-center clinical trial is conducted to investigate how avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke translated into measurable improvement in oral health and teeth appearance.

The subjects who participate in the study are tobacco smokers, smokers who decided to switch to cigarettes without combustion (C-F NDS) by participating the study, and individuals who had never smoked.

The Mission of the research

Tobacco smoke is one of the most important risk factors for periodontitis as it alters the host’s response to plaque.

The mission of the research is: to compare the short-term and long-term impact on oral health among smokers who switch to non-burning nicotine delivery systems and those that continue with cigarette smoking.

Improving health and dental appearance can be a motivational factor to quit smoking for those smokers who are concerned about their oral health and their dental appearance.

The analysis of the image of the supragingival tartar and the measurement of discoloration and tooth stains on the “social six” represent innovative approaches for the evaluation of periodontal health and teeth appearance.


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study SOPs

We are committed to advancing the understanding of the oral health effects of vaping and will continue to share our research findings with the global community.

Research Sites
LMIC Partners
Pilot Studies
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Specialized Companies
Dedicated IT tools

6 papers have been published, including 4 preprints and 2 peer-reviewed articles, shedding light on the effects of vaping on oral health.

We have secured approvals from 4 Ethical Review Boards, ensuring that our research adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Our study is officially registered on, enhancing transparency and accessibility to our research findings.


We have developed and published 15 Standard Operating Procedures to maintain the rigor and consistency of our research methods.

3 pilot studies have provided valuable insights and paved the way for our comprehensive research.

We have established collaborations with 2 clinics, 2 university hospitals, 5 specialized companies, and 3 high-independent experts. Additionally, we are conducting a spin-off study on leukoplakia.

Over 500 subjects have actively participated in our research, contributing to a deeper understanding of vaping’s effects on oral health.

Our research has reached beyond borders, involving over 340 subjects in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC).

To ensure the highest research quality, we have developed 15 specialized guidelines and 10 study-specific Standard Operating Procedures.

We’ve implemented a sophisticated IT toolkit, combining an electronic Case Report Form (eCRF), Tracker App, Stock Management Module, and Study Repository for efficient data management.


Benefits Achieved by Participants

Free access to quality oral care

Professional counseling to smoking cessation

Possibility to switching to e-cigarettes

Contribute to leading-edge research

Monitor the wellness of you smile

Potentially diagnosis of challenging symptom

Social responsibility campaign of the clinics involved

CoEHAR is the promoter and coordinator
of the Smile Study

CoEHAR is a unique multidisciplinary research center focused on the study of Tobacco Harm Reduction. Innovation, peer-review research, and globalization of ideas are at the core of CoEHAR actions. 

Established in 2018 at the University of Catania, CoEHAR has a large network of international collaborations with experts from different fields and countries. CoEHAR mission is to create a new global, shared and controlled science that can improve its applications with specific solutions for the needs of each country and territory.

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Research in Safety

the perfect combination of the scientific preparation of doctors, innovation in the techniques and tools used, the use of the most effective protection systems against COVID and the benefit of working to obtain a healthy and natural smile for the patient.