Smile Study

a Project by CoEHAR

About Us

What is Smile Study

Smoking is one of the most important risk factors for the health of our mouth, it damages the health of teeth and gums, compromises the whites of the teeth and causes halitosis.

Smile Study will investigate the impact of reduced risk products (e-cig, heated tobacco products, etc.) on the health of the mouth, testing the hypothesis of harm reduction compared to traditional cigarette smoking.

Research in Safety

the perfect combination of the scientific preparation of doctors, innovation in the techniques and tools used, the use of the most effective protection systems against COVID and the benefit of working to obtain a healthy and natural smile for the patient.


Free access to quality oral care

Professional counseling to smoking cessation

Possibility to switching to e-cigarettes

Contribute to leading-edge research

Monitor the wellness of you smile

Potentially diagnosis of challenging symptom

Campaign of the social responsability for the clinics involved